Why repair a rock chip asap?


There’s nothing better than having a clean windshield. It can make your car or truck look amazing, plus it will offer a clearer view experience. So it’s not a surprise that a windshield chip would feel tragic. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, booking a windshield repair should be at the top of your list.


Below are some reasons you shouldn’t delay, when it comes to getting a windshield chip repaired:


  1. To Avoid More Significant Problems

It’s almost assured that any damage caused to your windshield will worsen with time. Heat, wind and moisture from the blazing sun will pressure the glass and make the cracks extend and grow. The same case applies to chips as well; it won’t take long for a relatively small chip to change into a large crack


  2.  Save money


If you allow the cracks to continue growing, you may find yourself replacing the whole windshield. We are more than happy to offer a helping hand, plus we really want to help you save some of your hard-earned dollars.


  3. Enjoy an appealing windshield


 Auto Specialists Credit Capital says,“if you do the necessary repairs ASAP, the area that has been fixed will stay almost seamless. This way, the car windshield will maintain its safety and strength.

 Sadly enough, drivers who delay too much on this will see dirt get trapped underneath the glass, which will make the windshield appear dirty even after the repairs.”



  4. Guarantee a stronger repair

Any debris, dust and liquid that has been trapped in the glass weakens the strength of the windshield. By doing the necessary repairs immediately, your windshield will look great and last for ages.


  5. Ensure road safety

Cracks can be distracting and can even affect your visibility while driving. A clear windshield will allow you to react to emergencies quickly. The upside is that doing a windshield repair is an inexpensive and straightforward process. To put it differently, there’s no reason you shouldn’t book an appointment right away.





When To Do a Windshield Repair


The majority of cracks and small chips can be inexpensively and easily repaired. Here are some guidelines when chip repair is the best action to take.


-There are one or two cracks or small chips

-They are small enough and can be covered by a dollar coin

-They’re not in your view

-They’re not located close to the windshield edge

In this scenario, the windshield can be fixed without a replacement being needed.

When to Replace Windshield


Here are some of the circumstances you will require a full windshield replacement.

-You’ve got over seven chips / cracks

-The chip/crack is too large to be covered with a dollar coin

-The damage is in your direct view

-The damage is close to the windshield edge

-The windshield’s covered with divots and scratches that may possibly impair vision


If the aforementioned scenario applies to your windshield, you’ll have to get it replaced if you want to drive safely.




Written By:  Chloe Harris


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