HIGH-PERFORMING MIXTURE: This concentrated formula is made in the U.S.

from a high-performing mixture of chemical substances proven to be safe for the skin. When diluted, this specially developed fluid gives excellent cleaning performance.


 230 ml (8 fl. oz.) bottle for easy use or wherever you go. This powerful formula contains a mixture of high-performing cleaning agents that efficiently give you guaranteed results.


This bottle makes up to (20 liters) of formula, letting you clean several car windshields. 

 With an easy-to-use measuring and dispensing system that allows you to use just the right amount of mixture, this formula gives you a clean, streak-free windshield with just one swipe.


 Effectively prevent dust contamination and improve your vision on the road for enhanced safety. This tough cleaner removes sticky dirt, road film, and even insects from your windshield.

Formula 1 Windshield wash

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